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CYC will be held in New York July 24-27 at Randalls Island!!
Yankee Game Transportation Update
by posted 07/24/2014

Hello All


Please see bus information for Yankees Game tomorrow evening at 7pm.


The buses will pick teams up at ICAHN STADIUM for collection at 5PM. They will leave as soon as they have the designated amount of people but they must be on the road as soon as possible to ensure that the all patrons get to the game before the start of the game.


At the pick up clubs must nominate one group leader that will call the bus driver as soon as the game is over or when it is nearly finished to ensure bus drivers return on time. 

Group leaders MUST

1) Get the drivers cell number 

2) give the drivers their cell number (make sure you have enough phone battery to get in touch)

3) have the address of the hotel and if possible a mapquest of directions for driver just in case!


Please see me tomorrow at the registration tent if you have any questions

Many thanks 

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CYC Bus Update
by posted 07/24/2014

Hello All


Following a meeting with the bus company this afternoon the following has been decided:


Buses will run strictly according to schedule times as indicated at your hotels. There will be no deviation from this. Buses from the Hotels will drop off underneath the Triboro bridge (between Field 70 and 71) . This will be the only drop off area. This will also be the only pick up area for return trips to the hotel. 3 shuttle buses will run from the parking lot of Icahn stadium. One shuttle will run a continuous loop between the fields.


Please directly relay this information to the coaches. 


Many thanks, 

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Buses from hotel running slow. please give yourself at least 90
by posted 07/24/2014

minutes to get to the field.  Thank you.

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CYC registration will take place in the hotel lobby in 5 minutes
by posted 07/23/2014

we will start with U8, U10 , U12, etc.   Thank you

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Bus leaving Rory Dolan at 8:30 to go to hotel last bus back
by posted 07/23/2014

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Bus to NY leaving at 10:00 am
by posted 07/22/2014

The bus for NY will leave from the Canton Park and Ride Lot  at 10:00 am. 

Pick up at 138 in Canton/Milton
Canton Park-and-Ride Lot
Route 138, north of Blue Hill River Road, near I-93, exit 2
MBTA 617.222.3200


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CYC Updates
by posted 07/22/2014

Couple of items:

1 - Those of you taking the bus.  You need to be there by 10:00 am.  Please  be on time.   

2 - Bus for the parade will be leaving the hotel at 4:30 pm to go to player registration.  All players should wear their practice jersey for parade.  Parents try and wear red.

For all of the out of town families. We will be providing buses that will be picking up and dropping you at your hotels. Buses will drop off at corner of Mclean Ave and Woodlawn ave. and will pick you up outside of Rory Dolan's Bar and restaurant and return you to your respective hotels. Buses will be leaving your hotels at 3:30pm this will allow you enough time to register for the tournament in St. Barnabas Church which is on the corner of Mclean and Woodlawn.
Buses will be leaving Rory Dolans between 9.00pm and 9.30pm outside Rory's.
If your club is not on the line up, please contact Caroline Martin the Parade chairperson ASAP (914 562 9657).Please do not forget your clubs banner.
Yonkers Police Vehicle    On McLean Ave
Feile players with county Flags   at 
Yonkers FD Band or Kerry Pipers of Woodlawn   Hyatt Ave
Grand Marshalls & Yonkers Mayor    
Elected and appointed Officals    
Senior Board    
Boston ISYL    


3 - This is  a reminder to all clubs that they must provide at least 3 officials for the field after they play a game as per CYC Charter. Failure to do so will lead to clubs being fined PER GAME for not providing Umpires and linesmen. Clubs fines will be deducted from travelling stipend.  Local based clubs will have their fines take affect at next years competition.  Please cooperate with field marshals in ensuring the smooth running of all games at the field. Please help the coaches with this.

4 - Please be aware that as Randall's Island is located in the middle of New York City there is a significant chance of traffic both to and from the Fields. The schedule will not be adjusted because teams are stuck in traffic, cars/buses were late or for any other reason. Teams are urged to get to the fields as early as possible to ensure the games go as planned. 


To keep up to date with the latest traffic information you can download the 'Waze Traffic app' that keeps users current with traffic conditions or you can check it out on http://here.com/traffic/usa/new-york-ny


As per CYC charter Games that do not start within 5 minutes of allotted time will be designated as a forfeit to the team who has not shown up to the field. 


The address for Parking at Randalls Island is at the Icahn Stadium center at 20 Randalls Island, New York, NY 10035​. Teams can then be shuttle bused down to the fields which as located at the Ward Island section of Randalls Island. 


5 - Please make sure you check schedule for changes.  Here is the link.


Please see attached CYC Master Schedule Version 2.0 as it appears on the Google doc site now

here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d2lBIh7TMWL3ev3gzv7VTSbS-XNu862eRD1hX8-ScCE/edit#gid=0


Safe travels everyone.   See you all in NY

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Parking at CYC
by posted 07/20/2014

There is free parking available at the fields on Randalls Island.  Map is included with CYC packet.   You will need to park in designated area and be shuttled into the fields.   There will also be shuttle buses going back and forth from the hotel to the fields daily. 


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Pick up your CYC packet and get ISYL gear for NY today in tent
by posted 07/20/2014

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Tickets & Bus Transportation to NY Yankees Game - July 25
by posted 07/19/2014

If you have reserved tickets to the Yankees game and a seat on the bus to the game, please make your payment to Sinead Williams tomorrow at practice.  Thank you.


Sinead Williams at or 617-794-1123 


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CYC Information & ISYL Gear
by posted 07/19/2014

We are heading out to the CYC this week.  Let's get our ISYL apparel and show our colors on the fields in NY.  We will have the following items in the tent tomorrow at practice.

In addition, we we will have information packet about the CYC.  Please make sure you take one with you at practice. There are a lot of important details for you to know about.

ISYL Gear Bag, Cooler ,O'Neill's shorts - black with red stripe, sweatshirts, tshirts, tank tops and we have adult size practice for everyone to purchase.


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CYC Trophies - please read and return this Sunday
by posted 07/15/2014

Hi All

We are missing the following CYC awards from 2013.  We need these back asap.  Please look around your house.

U10 Hurling Shield

U8 Girls Football Shield

Please let me know if you have these. Thanks.



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Check out ISYL apparel in the tent today.
by posted 07/13/2014

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Gaelic Football & Hurling
by posted 06/11/2014

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CYC 2014 Dates - Please mark your calendars
by posted 05/01/2014

The 2014 CYC will be held in New York from July 24-27, 2014 at Randall's Island Park.  Please mark your calendars with these dates.

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